Dehydrated Citrus Garnish

Want to add the perfect spark to your cocktail or dessert?

Use our gorgeous dehydrated fruits for drinks, cakes, platters, hampers and more!

Cocktail Candy™️ carries a large range of citrus and other dehydrated fruit products, all guaranteed to level up your drink game.

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Dehydrated Oranges for Cocktails and Desserts

Looking for something different for your drinks? Try one of our best-selling products: dehydrated oranges. These perfect wheels of orangey goodness will make your drink stand out from the crowd. A perfect choice for gin lovers who want to amp up their home drink game!

  • Cake Toppers

    Dehydrated fruit brings colour, flavour and style to any dessert. Simply lay the garnishes on top, or cascade them down the side of your cake creation. Delicious!

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  • Tablescapes

    Add some colour to your table decorating with our dehydrated products. Not only do oranges, lemons and limes look great, they infuse the air with lucious aromas.

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  • Drink & Cocktails

    Keeping fresh citrus on hand can be tricky, but having dehydrated limes on hand is easy. They keep for over 12 months and you will never be short of a great garnish again!

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Dried and Dehydrated Fruit for Cocktails

Looking to add a unique twist to your drinks menu? Cocktail Candy™️ offers dried and dehydrated fruit for cocktail garnishes. From cocktail decoration to fruit garnish, our dried and dehydrated fruit add an elegant touch to any drink. And they last longer than fresh fruit.

Our selection includes popular favourites like pineapple, oranges, and lemons. We also have a range of exotic fruits, like dragon fruit, lychee, and mango. Whether you're looking for a classic cocktail or something more adventurous, we have the perfect fruit for you.

Best of all, our cocktail fruit is available for delivery Australia-wide. So no matter where you are, you can enjoy the beauty and flavour of our dehydrated fruit. Order today and add a little sweetness to your next party.

Dried Druit Cocktail Hampers in Australia

Our hampers are perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special events. Each is filled with a variety of delicious fruits, which have been carefully selected to create the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

In addition to being a tasty treat, our hampers are also a healthy option for those who are looking to cut back on refined sugar. So if you're looking for a gift that is both delicious and health-conscious, look no further.

Dehydrated Fruit For Gin

Dehydrated fruit is a great way to add flavour and colour to gin. The process of dehydration concentrates the natural sugars in fruit, which can help to round out the flavours of gin. In addition, dehydrated fruit provides a convenient way to add garnishes to cocktails.

Dried oranges, for example, can be used to create elegant twists on classic gin and tonics. They’re the perfect garnish for your next party, and a great choice for gin lovers who want to amp up their home drink game. These will make your drinks stand out from the crowd.

In addition to being a great garnish, dried oranges are also a healthy snack. The fruit is a good source of vitamins A and C, and high in fibre and antioxidants. Go ahead and add some to your next order – your guests will be sure to thank you.

Add Flair with Cake Toppers

Our dried fruit for cocktails is also a popular cake topper as it brings both colour and flavour to any dessert. Simply lay the garnishes on top of the cake, or cascade them down the side of your cake creation. This is a great way to add style to any dessert. Delicious!

Exotic Tablescapes

If you're looking for a festive and colourful way to spruce up your holiday decor, consider using dehydrated fruit as part of your tablescape. Oranges, lemons and limes not only add a pop of colour, but they also infuse the air with their delicious aromas. Plus, they're a natural and eco-friendly way to decorate your table.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Drink

Fresh citrus is a key ingredient in many cocktails, but it can be tricky to keep on hand. On the other hand, our dried fruit for cocktails is easy to store and last for over 12 months.

Whether you're looking for a fresh twist on an old classic or a new way to spruce up your drink, dehydrated citrus is a versatile and convenient option. So next time you're looking for a way to add some zest to your cocktail, reach for the dehydrated limes or lemons!

With FREE shipping available, you’ll be ready to party in no time. For further information, reach out to us at or call 0414 601 836.