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Cocktail Candy Confetti

This was purchased as a gift. I’m sure they will love it as much as they love their cocktails

Dehydrated Grapefruit Halves

Great product for our margaritas

Dehydrated Lemons
Heather O’Donnell
Dehydrated lemon effect

Wow I couldn't believe how much these cocktail candies could improve the taste/flavour of my mixed spritzes, love them.

Dehydrated Limes
Deborah House
Jars of dried sliced lime

Beautiful jars . Perfect lime for drinks .
Amazing friendly customer service. Fast delivery. These also make great gifts.

Club Marconi Cocktail Review

Cocktail Candy's dehydrated fruits have really helped us take our cocktails to the next level aesthetically and flavour wise. Multiple customers have commented on how the fruits give the cocktails an extra pop. A big thanks to Brett who was extremely helpful in helping us to get started!

Quality, Value and Easy ordering

I first discovered Cocktail Candy dried fruit at a local market. I purchased some to try and the quality and price was very good. I then placed a larger order for the three bars at our venue and couldn't be happier. We continue to order form them now.

Dehydrated Oranges
Pru Quinlan
Great product

Not much to say - great product. I add them to my G&T each night. Fabulous.

Dehydrated Limes
Jan Gollan
Love the citrus range.

Purchased Lemon, Lime and Orange, flavour is awesome for cocktails or just pop one in a glass of water.

Great quality

Exactly what I was looking for

I bought a big bag of the dehydrated orange slices. They are excellent quality and have great flavour. I use them in cocktails, mocktails and sparkling water as well as a garnish on desserts. The big bag was good value. I will definitely try their other dehydrated fruits.

Candy Blue for the Win

Amazing product! Have used to add a little something to birthday cocktails, and to top vanilla frosted cupcakes. They are absolutely beautiful and made everything pop!

Dehydrated Lemons
Jan Gollan
Full of flavour

Love my Cocktail Candy Dehydrated Lemon, Lime and Orange, I pop one in glass of water, great.

Excellent service and fast postage, a great cocktails garnish

Excellent service and fast postage, a great cocktails garnish

Excellent service and fast postage, a great cocktails garnish

Excellent product and super fast postage. I used the edible flowers.cinfetti to garnish cocktails and they looked amazing.


Bloody Brilliant!

Blue Cornflower

The cornflower petals looked fantastic in the Aperol Spritz cocktails. The vibrant purple petals and orange colours looked amazing!!

Amazing friendly service Amazing product 🤩

Perfect Substitute

When you don't have a fresh orange for your Negroni, Cocktail Candy has the perfect solution. Brilliant.

Great products

Quality products

Great product, with good pricing. Will definitely be using these guys for my wholesale purchases from now on.

Zesty Lemons

We use these lemons along with all of the other dried fruits from Cocktail Candy to garnish our exquisite mineral salts. They are a fabulous product premium quality and the service is brilliant! We will definitely be back for more.


What a hoot. I didn’t realise it was you guys!
I was delighted with how pretty the Edible Flowers looked and went overboard in buying lots so I could share the joy with my special people.