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Dehydrated Pears

Dehydrated Pears

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Step into the fruity wonderland of our dehydrated pears and prepare for a taste sensation that'll blow your taste buds away! Wave goodbye to ordinary snacks and welcome a burst of orchard goodness that's anything but bland.

Pear-fection Preserved: Our dehydrated pears are like nature's candy, only better! We've carefully plucked the finest Aussie pears and transformed them into bite-sized delights using a magical low-temperature dehydration process. No artificial stuff here – just pure, unadulterated pear-fection!

Sweet & Satisfying: Get ready for a symphony of flavours with each chew. These pear gems are like your favourite childhood snack, but all grown up. The natural sweetness of pears intensifies during dehydration, resulting in a garnish or snack that's not only satisfying but downright irresistible.

Nutrient-Packed Morsels: Who said healthy garnishes had to be boring? Our dehydrated pears are brimming with essential nutrients – from fibre that'll keep your tummy happy to antioxidants that'll make your inner health nut do a happy dance. It's a pear-fectly balanced snack that loves your body as much as your taste buds do.

Not just a garnish: Ready for a snack adventure? These crispy pear slices are your passport to deliciousness, anytime, anywhere. Toss 'em in your bag, sneak 'em into your desk drawer, or keep 'em in your car for the ultimate munching convenience. The crunch is calling – are you ready to answer?

Pears with Personality: These dried pear pieces aren't just garnish superstars; they're also culinary chameleons. Sprinkle them over yogurt for a taste explosion, toss them into salads for a fruity twist, or blend them into smoothies for a pear-ty in your mouth! Unleash your inner food artist and watch these pear pieces work their magic.

Long Shelf Life, Endless Delight: Want a cocktail garnish that stands the test of time? Our dehydrated pears have got you covered. With a shelf life that stretches beyond 12 months, you can stock up with glee, knowing that your pear passion will never go unfulfilled.

Get ready to fall head over heels for the enchanting world of dehydrated pears. Whether you're snacking solo, crafting culinary masterpieces, or simply satisfying your sweet tooth, these pear-fectly preserved treasures are here to make every moment a scrumptious adventure. Don't keep your taste buds waiting – grab a pack of our dehydrated pears and crunch your way to fruity euphoria!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew Harrington

Dehydrated Pears

Michele Roe

So good on a cheese platter or in a cocktail..
These are delicious.

Melissa Mahoney
Dehydrated orange

Very refreshing in my Gin and soda
Love them.

Geoff B
Cocktail Candy's Blood orange and limes

Thanks guys,

Your fresh dried produce is exceptional, our favourite is the Blood Orange and Lime perfect for G&T’s and I even snap a small slice of Line into a Corona Beer on the fly.
Thanks also so much for the prompt delivery service too!
Happy Summer Cocktails Days ahead
Geoff & Nicole

Alyssa Kent
Simply Delicious

Seriously, these pears are so so good. I could honestly just eat them as a treat. I recently used them as a garnish on my cheesecake and people couldn’t stop commenting how incredible they were. Will definitely be getting some more 😋